DUTCHcomposer, bassist, arranger, producer, conceptualist.

Theo Hoogstins

creates original modern musics with an elegantly structured series of formats focusing as an ensemble leader, also as soloist, dynamic improvised atmospheres.

playing: The Sky Was In My Eyes (Theo Hoogstins Octet)


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Peter Schat's Tone Clock in jazz
article: "Peter Schat's Tone Clock in jazz and improvised music", by Theo Hoogstins.
With analysis of Theo Hoogstins' compositions and music examples. 
The Brooklyn Branding Parlors
"The Brooklyn Branding Parlors",
poems by James Purdy, put to music by Theo Hoogstins. 
Hoogstens 5 a contemporary jazz quintet. 
Tiodus a pianotrio with Egmond de Bruijne and Pepijn van den Boogaard. 
Vincent & Theo a guitar/double bass duo with Vincent Koning.

"Mythen" the Rotterdam Jazz Project with compositions by Theo Hoogstins