'Hoogstins is an outstanding bassist, who as a soloist and an accompanist excels (in achieving) the strongest of tones.'
Kees Polling, Trouw,  march 11,1997

His bass melodies for example - it's best heard in his ballads - are the most beautiful that are played nowadays in the Netherlands. Not coincidentally, Hoogstins is also a - more than mediocre - gifted composer.
RENZE DE VRIES, Nieuwsblad van het Noorden,  march 24,1994

headlines: Theo Hoogstins makes Schönberg swing
(article JAZZNU nr. 176. October 1993)
Theo Hoogstins opens ears
(Trouw  27 JANUARY 1994 )
Jazz works by Hoogstins raise unterrestrial atmosphere
(Eindhovens Dagblad,  okt. 20, 1993)
Theo Hoogstins sounds jazzy and familiar
(NRC HANDELSBLAD, okt. 7, 1992)
"Hoogstins 5":  Life in the jazz brewery
(Leids Dagblad, okt. 12, 1992)

Theo Hoogstins colors his arrangements unorthodox translation of a review about the Theo Hoogstins Octet from the Dutch newspaper Trouw   (sept. 26,1992)

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