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Kees Oosterwijk
Theo Hoogstins

Walter Lampe
Zjenja Guberman

Loet van der Lee
The Quintet "Hoogstens 5", a collaboration of Theo Hoogstins and saxophone player Kees Oosterwijk, is focussed on playing the compositions of composer/bass player Theo Hoogstins who was awarded the composition prize at the ‘The NOS Jazz festival Holland’ in 1987 and in 1990 he was honored for best solo performance at the ‘VPRO Jazz festival Holland’.
His classical background becomes very clear, when listening to his compositions, through the use of elements and composition techniques from modern classical music history, such as dodecaphony, polyrythmic, bi tonality and Peter Schat's Tone Clock, about which he published an article in a dutch jazz magazine (Jazzfreak, may/june 1994).
By in this way integrating the western musical heritage in jazz, a contemporary style comes into existence. This concept provides a solid fundament for soloist performance by the individual members of the group.
With lots of enthusiasm and skills, they use the complete range of improvising techniques from free jazz up to complex chord changes, thus giving very exciting and varied concerts.

In "Hoogstens 5", Theo Hoogstins gathered a number of very expressive musicians:
Together with trumpet player Loet van der Lee the Australian piano player Walter Lampe, Kees Oosterwijk ontenor saxophone and the Russian drummer Zjenja Guberman, he makes a valuable contribution to contemporary jazz.
With "Hoogstens 5", The Theo Hoogstins Octet and De Boventoon he already played in most of the famous jazz clubs and festivals throughout Holland, such as: The BIMhuis (Amsterdam), Sjuhuis(Utrecht), 0-42 (Nijmegen), theater Romein (Leeuwarden). DeSpieghel (Groningen). DJS (Dordrecht), Hot house (Leiden), Wilhelmina (Eindhoven), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), the North Sea Jazz Festival (The Hague) and the Amsterdam Concertgebouw .

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