Theo Hoogstins Octet


listen to samples with RealPlayer:

  • 1 La Riviere Souterraine           5'57
  • 2 The Sky was in my Eyes *)  4'04 
  • 3 2soon2die                              10'05
  • 4 Tuba or not Tuba                   6'55
  • 5 Onweer                                     8'32
  • 6 Alarm **)                                 2'24
Music from the short movie "In Kille Sferen":
  • 7 a: In Kille Sferen                     3'45
  • 8 b: Anna                                    7'41
  • 9 c: Handen                                9'15

  •             total                               58'49
    Peggy Larson: vocals
    Eric Vloeimans: trumpet
    Ben Herman: alto sax, C-melody sax on "Onweer"
    Arthur Heuwekemeyer: tenor sax
    Larry Fishkind: tuba
    Jan Jongbloed: piano
    Charles Hufstad: drums
    Theo Hoogstins: contrabass
    recording supervision: Jan Voogd
    sound engineer: Ruurd Abma
    lay-out: Loek Sminia
      photography: Hans Pattist
    All compositions and production by Theo Hoogstins
    Words *) by Theo Hoogstins
             **) by Rob Schuil

recorded july 12 & 13, 1993 and digital edited in studio "Abma geluidstechniek C.V.", Amsterdam, Holland DDD Disckus DC-06*
thanks to: VvK, Feldmann & Heuwekemeyer, Laurens de Boef, Nynke Hoogstins & Els de Bildt.


the train left 
goes to spain 
left me 
in the rain 
traveling so fast on its way 
when will I see you again 
and as usual in this land 
the sky was crying 
and when I missed you holding my hand 
the sky was in my eyes 

I called you everyday 
not knowing what to say 
I only want to hear your voice 
when you are so far away 
and as usual....... 


galzwarte gedachten 
drochten fnuikend door mijn diepst 
in het hol van mijn hart 
een echoput 
gillen sirenes 
het duister lokt de ondergang 
lokt mij in haar put 
versterf ik 
versterf ik